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Brazilian Silhouette Spa is dedicated to bringing the beauty of Brazilian culture to America through our manicure and nail spa. We’re located near the center of Fort Myers, FL, so you can easily get to us. Our manicurists and pedicurists have years of experience, meaning that they know how to best make your nails beautiful and clean.

A Manicure for You

Our manicure spa gives you different manicures and pedicures. Sticking to our roots, we focus on Brazilian manicures to give you beautiful nails every time you come in. This type of manicure paints the skin surrounding your nails with a clear polish that we’ll remove at the end of the session to reveal your painted nail. Doing this ensures that your whole nail is painted.

At Brazilian Silhouette Spa, we give you a unique design and experience in our manicure and nail spa. Our manicurists and pedicurists are experts at nail art and can design almost any image or pattern for whatever occasion you need. We also offer hard gel nail work that is carefully done by our specialized manicurists. Our hard gel nails can last for weeks.

The Best Available

At Brazilian Silhouette Spa, we know you want to be pampered. That’s why we use only the best products to ensure that your nails are well taken care of. We also use natural products to make certain that your nails remain beautiful and hygienic. Our team offers imported and national nail polish options for you to choose from.

Whether you want to have your nails done for a night out or for your wedding, Brazilian Silhouette Spa can give you high-quality nails that will match the occasion. We offer free skin consultations, and you’re welcome to come look at our nail art. Just give us a call (239) 344-9006 to book an appointment.


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