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To someone who has never tried it, even the term “waxing” may be scary! It’s not surprising that some individuals find this process of hair removal intimidating before learning the extensive benefits that waxing can offer. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a scary experience if you’re prepared with the facts ahead of time.

We’ve created a beginner’s guide to body waxing to help guarantee your future sessions go as easily as possible. Our article covers everything from the technical aspects to the benefits, as well as tips on how to prepare for your next wax appointment.

Our in-house waxing technicians at Brazilian Silhouette specialize in full-body waxing from head to toe. We hope to see you in our spa for a relaxing treatment after learning more about this popular hair removal technique!

What Exactly is Waxing?

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal treatment that involves pulling the hair out from the root.

When you get a waxing treatment from a spa, the specialist will start with heated wax and spread it across the desired region. They will then either wait for the wax to cool before peeling it off or place a small cloth against the wax to remove both the wax and hair underneath.

The wax adheres to the hair and is peeled away from the follicle in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth. This inhibits new hair growth for 2-6 weeks, however, it may be sooner depending on your unique hair growth pattern.

Body waxing is nothing new! It has actually been around for quite a while, dating back to 1150 BC in Egypt. Women in Ramses III’s harem were said to have smooth, hairless bodies. It is believed that body waxing was done in Egypt as early as 3000 BC!

Why Wax?

Waxing is an excellent method for eliminating hair from most regions of the body quickly, inexpensively, and safely.

Waxing lasts much longer than shaving! Normally you would be grabbing the razor again a day or two after shaving. With waxing, you are hair-free for up to six weeks.

No more contorting your body to reach that one tricky area with your razor. No more missing hairs, razor bumps, inadvertent nicks, or annoying itching.

Our in-house Wax Specialists are here to help! Our team will get you feeling silky, confident, and smooth in no time at all. Click here to book with a technician. 

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6 Benefits of Body Waxing:

1. Reduced Regrowth

Waxing is popular because it delays hair growth for a significant amount of time. 

When you wax, the hair is pulled out directly from the follicle, whereas when you shave, hairs that are near to the skin’s surface often get missed. You can shave as closely as you like, but there will always be some hair hiding just below the surface that will grow back in a day or two. 

If you make waxing a normal practice with your beautician, you’ll be able to establish the perfect schedule for you, resulting in less regrowth overall. Even individuals with rapid hair growth can enjoy smooth skin from waxing for weeks.

2. Less Ingrown Hairs

A lot of people have ingrown hairs because of shaving. Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable and unappealing. In worst-case scenarios, they can get infected and even cause scarring.

A trained waxing specialist will remove the wax strips in the most effective method to reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs. This entails a quick removal while the skin is kept tight.

If you’re typically prone to getting ingrown hairs, tell your beautician, and make sure to exfoliate and moisturize carefully two days following the wax.

3. Waxing Exfoliates the Skin

Acne, blackheads, and a dry, dull complexion are all symptoms of having too much debris and dead skin on the skin. The goal of exfoliation is to create a blank canvas by removing dead, damaged, or otherwise undesirable skin cells.

The waxing process eliminates all of this excess. The waxing procedure leaves the skin looking and feeling silky smooth, healthy, and clean. Exfoliating a few days before a wax will help you acquire smoother results. If you’ve just been waxed, wait at least 48 hours before exfoliating to make sure your skin doesn’t react negatively.

4. Finer Regrowth

It’s not just about the volume of hair regrowth you’ll get, it’s also about the type of regrowth you’ll get!

When shaving, the cut is super sharp. Hair does not grow naturally blunt! It’s why regrown hair after shaving usually seems prickly.

Waxing extracts hair down at the follicle level. This means that the hair regenerated after waxing grows back with a neatly tapered end. The end is thinner and less blunt, so while you’re waiting for your next appointment, your skin won’t feel nearly as prickly as it would after shaving.

Over time, Individual hairs may even cease growing back completely, resulting in thinner overall hair covering.

5. Say Goodbye to Pesky Shaving Rashes

A shaving rash is a kind of skin inflammation brought on by irritation from a razor. Shaving exposes the region to friction every few days, which aggravates the irritation. 

You can avoid this frequent exposure by waxing since the period in between services is almost a month at a time, giving your skin an opportunity to calm down. If you often get rashes from shaving, one of the huge perks of waxing is that you won’t have to deal with pesky rashes anymore. 

6. A Great Opportunity for Pampering

Shaving can seem like a chore. Why add another task to your long list? Booking an appointment for a professional wax is a chance to be looked after and cared for by an expert beautician, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This is a great chance to take time out of your busy life to do something that will make you feel good and confident in your body!

The short sting of the wax strip being removed is not always enjoyable, but the soothing heat of wax paired with the expert touch of the beautician is sure to be relaxing.

‍Common Questions About Body Waxing:

Will Waxing Hurt?

The discomfort involved with waxing varies based on the person and their genetic composition. One individual might have several nerve endings in one place whereas another does not. If you have sensitive skin, keep in mind that any discomfort will be small and fleeting! 

What’s the Best Way to Prevent Pain From Body Waxing (i.e. taking aspirin, numbing cream, etc.)?

There is no need to use aspirin or numbing lotion because there are numerous techniques to avoid or reduce discomfort associated with body waxing. To acquire a better hair removal outcome, drink plenty of water, and keep the skin moisturized before and after waxing.

Staying hydrated and applying moisturizer regularly is not only good before a wax, but it is also excellent for your general health.

How Long Does a Good Body Wax Last? 

Waxing is a long-lasting form of hair removal, lasting between 2 and 6 weeks per session. Even better, the hair comes back softer and sparser, rather than stubby and prickly. Waxing regularly will alter the development cycle and physiology of your hair follicle. This happens because the overall hair growth slows down since the hair follicle is weakened with frequent waxing treatments. 

What Should I Be Doing/Not Be Doing Between Waxes? 

To get the finest waxing results, make sure your hair is at least 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch long. This is the best length for hair to be before getting waxed because it allows the wax to grab the hair better and be taken directly from the root, rather than simply ripping the hair above the skin.

If you are still making the switch from shaving to waxing, avoid shaving immediately after a wax even if you see hair growing, as shaving reverses the impact of waxing.

Avoid the following for 24 hours after a treatment:

  • Baths and hot showers (Only use lukewarm water)
  • Saunas or steam rooms
  • Sunbeds and sunbathing
  • Wearing restrictive clothes
  • Swimming 
  • Using deodorants or body sprays on the waxed area

All in all, waxing has several significant advantages over other types of hair removal. It is an efficient way to remove a substantial amount of hair in one sitting and also helps eliminate razor bumps, irritation, and itching. Waxing also has long-lasting benefits, as hair in waxed areas does not come back for two to six weeks typically. 

We hope we’ve laid your waxing concerns to rest! Looking to try out a professional waxing service? Look no further than Brazilian Silhouette. 

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I highly recommend! Ana touched up my permanent eye liner on bottom lid, added liner on top lid (which I had previously been told my skin would not take the ink), did my eyebrows and last extensions. I look like a new woman!

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I made an appointment for a couple waxing items (modesty has me letting you guess what services). Jenna was just perfect. She was very thorough, exclaiming I was officially “hair free”. Upon inspection I agreed. I’m sold, I’ll go nowhere else for these services.

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