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What is a PowerDerm Treatment?

A PowerDerm treatment offers the benefits of cutting-edge skincare technology that would typically require invasive procedures or years of expensive treatments to see the same results. Using only a high-powered dermabrasion device and signature crystal formula, a wide range of skin concerns are removed within just a few sessions. 

Forget the botox, injections, and lasers of yesterday. Your body has created the miracle inside you to turn back the clock. PowerDerm is the only system with the strength and unique capability to access this miracle, resulting in the best skin you’ve ever had. You can now get a facelift without surgery! 

This article covers everything from the technical aspects to the benefits and tips on preparing for your appointment. Our in-house facialists at Brazilian Silhouette specialize in using the powerful PowerDerm technology. We hope to see you in our spa for a treatment!

Who Can Benefit from A Powerderm Treatment?

The signature PowerDerm technology can help remove a wide variety of skin issues. You will see significant improvement in common skin concerns with only a few sessions! Skin concerns the PowerDerm technology can help with include: 

  • Sun Damage
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffy Eyes
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • HypoPigmention
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Scars
  • Dry-Dehydrated Skin
  • Deflated Small-Lips
  • Sagging Jaw-Line
  • Sagging Eye Contours
  • Impaired Circulation
  • Marionette Line-Impressions
  • Pregnancy Mask
  • Acne Discoloration
  • + Many more skin concerns! If you don’t see your concern on this list, please reach out. 
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How Does the PowerDerm Technology Work?

PowerDerm technology stimulates the skin’s resurfacing, regenerating, and lymphatic draining responses. Unlike all other resurfacing devices on the market, PowerDerm’s sophisticated technology and proven ability to enhance and expedite the body’s regeneration cellular cycle allows you to receive numerous treatments weekly, month after month. T

his means your skin goals are met more quickly. There is no time needed to recover, and the body’s largest and most visible organ is being worked out like never before.

With each treatment, PowerDerm kinetic dermabrasion employs kinetic disruption to remove multiple top layers of the epidermis. Kinetic disruption works by transmitting energy from the strong spinning dermabrador attachment, which generates a twofold torque at the skin’s surface, and removes the top skin layers with a dense crystalline crème.

When the PowerDerm device resurfaces the top layers, the brain receives a signal that homeostasis is no longer maintained and that new cells must be generated to replace the old layers just removed. Depending on age, the skin can restore the missing layers in only 24-72 hours.

What to Expect at a PowerDerm Treatment

PowerDerm is intended to exercise the skin, just like going to the gym 3-5 times a week. The longer and more frequently you exercise, the more significant the regeneration effect.

The objective is to replenish the entire skin organ with brand new cells throughout 18-24 sessions that remove, replace, and fill skin – giving you the most youthful appearance you’ve ever had!

Although the results are significant, the treatment is quite relaxed. Expect to be treated with the utmost care and professionalism when coming in for a treatment, like you would a typical facial. No downtime or recovery time is necessary. Our clients report no discomfort during or after treatment, only incredible results!

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I’ve been going here for 7 months to get waxed by Ana Fisher and if I have one thing to say: PLEASE GO HERE. She is such a delight, very positive and upbeat, likes to converse with you throughout the process, is attentive to how you’re feeling, dedicated to doing her job well, just such an amazing and safe person to go to. The environment is super inviting and clean, very modern, and the appointment system is very smooth and easy to navigate. Ana was the first person I ever went to for my wax and she will continue to be the person I always go to and recommend. 10/10 service and hospitality

- Kaylah P.

I highly recommend! Ana touched up my permanent eye liner on bottom lid, added liner on top lid (which I had previously been told my skin would not take the ink), did my eyebrows and last extensions. I look like a new woman!

Jennifer F.

I made an appointment for a couple waxing items (modesty has me letting you guess what services). Jenna was just perfect. She was very thorough, exclaiming I was officially “hair free”. Upon inspection I agreed. I’m sold, I’ll go nowhere else for these services.

Andy D.

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