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If you want to slim down before a wedding, photoshoot, or another special event, this may be just the thing for you. For clients seeking pain relief and reduced inflammation in the body, coming in for a body wrap treatment may be a great option as well.

Here at Brazilian Silhouette, we offer two specialized wrap treatments. Whether you are seeking firmer skin, pain relief, or a reduction in cellulite and an overall boost in appearance, we can help!

What is a Body Wrap?

Professional body wraps involve applying heated or plastic wrap to specific areas of the body to melt away fat and treat existing aches and pains. If you are unsure of the best treatment, we are happy to consult with you until you find the perfect option! 

Our popular wrap services include: 


Thermotherapy uses Thermo-Active Hot Gel to warm the skin, slim the targeted region, and significantly diminish cellulite.

By increasing the skin/soft tissue temperature, the blood flow rises. Increased blood flow permits oxygen and nutrients to move through the blood vessels, contributing to tissue repair and enhancing general mobility.


Cryotherapy uses specialized Cryo-Slim Cold Gel to create a firmer muscle tone. This innovative method can even help drop inches from the targeted area, creating an enhanced look. 

During Cryotherapy treatments, the temperature of the skin and soft tissues drop, resulting in a decrease in blood flow. Along with inflammation, the tissue metabolism will reduce, which has been shown to alleviate pain within the body.

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Benefits of a Body Wrap: 


Body wraps can aid the body in eliminating toxins by stimulating skin cell metabolism. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, a targeted skin detox may significantly impact your overall health and well-being.

Dead Skin Removal: 

Wrap treatments that include an exfoliation step will remove dead skin cells, leaving you with a softer, more radiant complexion from head to toe. If exfoliation is not included in your treatment, you may have the option to have a body polish before your wrap.

Temporary Inch and/or Weight Loss: 

The combination of detoxifying chemicals and tightly wound bandages will help you sweat out extra water and toxins and tighten your skin. This process can temporarily enhance your body’s shape and may even cause you to drop two dress sizes.

Intensive moisturization: 

Most wraps contain hydrating chemicals to moisturize, nourish, and smooth the skin, enhancing its condition and appearance.


The aesthetician will wrap you up and let you relax alone for up to 30 minutes. This allows you to ease your mind and body, which is always appreciated.

How to Prepare for a Body Wrap: 

  • Plan on spending an hour and fifteen minutes for your first treatment and an hour for the following visits
  • Feel free to eat or drink water before a wrap (but remember, you will not be able to use the restroom for up to 45 minutes during your wrap)
  • Shower or bathe before your wrap 
  • Women should preferably wear cotton panties and a wireless bra. Men should wear a swimsuit.
  • Bring a dry pair of undergarments to wear after your wrap.

What to Avoid Before/After a Body Wrap:

  • Avoid eating a large meal for at least 2 hours before your wrap.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine before your wrap.
  • Do not wear lotion, oil, or perfume, as they will act as a barrier to the mineral solution.
  • After a wrap, avoid showering or bathing for at least 4 hours to allow the minerals to continue working.

What to Expect During a Treatment:

Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells is often the first step in a professional body wrap treatment, and then a hydrating, tightening, or purifying cream is applied.

Clay, caffeine, honey, green tea, algae, eucalyptus, aloe vera, fruit, and essential oils are just some of the ingredients you could find at a spa. Rosemary and mint are two plants that may also be used in herbal wraps.

After applying the cream, the area is snugly wrapped in neoprene (a kind of rubber), plastic, or fabric for around 30 minutes. A warm blanket, infrared light, or heated mat may be used for additional comfort.

This is the time to unwind, so take advantage of the spa’s lovely atmosphere and calming music.

When you are finished, you will be unwrapped and then take a shower, feeling oh so relaxed!

Health care professionals advise clients to take it easy for the following several days, eat a light diet, and not drink alcohol or use caffeine.

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Answering Your Questions About Body Wraps:

What Does a Body Wrap Do?

Wraps are designed to assist the body in eliminating excess toxins and fluids, improving the skin’s texture and appearance. Detoxification, lymphatic system clearing, body contouring, skin tightening, metabolism stimulation, temporary inch reduction, and skin softening are some possible benefits of body wraps.

Are Body Wraps Effective?

Yes! Body wraps are likely to make you appear thinner and may even cause you to lose a few pounds due to detoxification, sweating, and shifts in metabolism. 

How Long Do Body Wrap Results Last?

The effects of a body wrap are quick, and no recovery period is required. The results can last as long as you maintain your diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. The lost weight often stays off for at least 2 – 3 months.

How Do You Feel After a Body Wrap?

Slim, detoxed, relaxed, and moisturized are just a few terms that clients typically use to describe the effects of their body wrap treatments. Possible results of your wrap treatment are weight loss, reduced pain/ inflammation, and smooth, supple, moisturized, and clean skin.

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I’ve been going here for 7 months to get waxed by Ana Fisher and if I have one thing to say: PLEASE GO HERE. She is such a delight, very positive and upbeat, likes to converse with you throughout the process, is attentive to how you’re feeling, dedicated to doing her job well, just such an amazing and safe person to go to. The environment is super inviting and clean, very modern, and the appointment system is very smooth and easy to navigate. Ana was the first person I ever went to for my wax and she will continue to be the person I always go to and recommend. 10/10 service and hospitality

- Kaylah P.

I highly recommend! Ana touched up my permanent eye liner on bottom lid, added liner on top lid (which I had previously been told my skin would not take the ink), did my eyebrows and last extensions. I look like a new woman!

Jennifer F.

I made an appointment for a couple waxing items (modesty has me letting you guess what services). Jenna was just perfect. She was very thorough, exclaiming I was officially “hair free”. Upon inspection I agreed. I’m sold, I’ll go nowhere else for these services.

Andy D.

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