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Plasma Fibroblast  – What it is, what it’s for, how it works and results


What is plasma Fibroblast?
plasma is an ionized gas with ions and electrons that is triggered by a plasma generator and when heated and in contact with oxygen produces what we call a plasma fibroblast.

plasma is the fourth state of matter in which electrons are separated from atoms forming an ionized gas. The plasma generated by direct current is able to induce the change in the position of the ion (sodium – Na +, potassium – K +) present along the cell membrane, causing it to cross. Thanks to this process, the difference between the electric potential present along the membrane returns equilibrium. The electrical voltage of the membrane increases and the membrane is tensioned. The result of this action stimulates the production of collagen, elastic fibers, improving the skin damaged by the sun, leveling the wrinkles and the surface of the skin.

the apparatus responsible for this process is a direct current electric wave emitter that reaches only the stratum corneum of the epidermal tissue, causing no damage to the subcutaneous layers, hair follicles and other structures.

What is the purpose of the plasma Fibroblast?

Application of the plasma Fibroblast  treatments do: skin tightening, removal of marks on the skin, small warts, varicose veins and small dilated vessels, stretch marks and age spots and wrinkles and active patches depigmentation of eyebrows and small tattoos, uncut blepharoplasty, etc.

How Does the Plasma Fibroblast Work?

Plasma Fibroblast works by providing a significant increase in type 1 collagen, reduces keloid fibroblasts in scar areas, increases intracellular Ca, increases extracellular K, improves chemotaxis, increases growth factors, as well as the concentration of nitrogen, helps the migration of fibroblasts and their proteosynthesis, increases skin permeability, decreased permeation of positively charged ions and insoluble compounds, causes a new orientation of newly created or formed collagen fibers in the direction of direct current and reduces pain at the application.

Plasma Fibroblast results

Plasma Fibroblast treatment guarantees visible results immediately after application and remains in the long term. The recovery of the patient is very fast and the results can be noticed as early as the first session.

Contraindication for the use of the Plasma Fibroblast

Plasma Fibroblast  is contraindicated in people with heart problems, patients with pacemakers, pregnant women and people with dermatitis.

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