Microdermabrasion Vs. Microneedling: Uncover Your Best Skin

When it comes to skincare treatments, there’s a plethora of options to choose from, but the spotlight is often on two – microdermabrasion and microneedling. They are both adored for their amazing effects on skin health and glow, but what’s the best for you?

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Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment that gently exfoliates the topmost layer of your skin, essentially removing the dead skin cells. Its purpose is to reveal youthful, glowing skin underneath that can put even the best Instagram filters to shame. 

What is Microdermabrasion?

Essentially, it’s a non-invasive procedure that employs tiny exfoliating crystals to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. This process rejuvenates the skin, promoting a younger, fresher complexion. 

​​How does it work?

The procedure utilizes a handheld device that gently abrades the skin surface using microcrystals or a diamond tip. Simultaneously, it vacuums up the dead skin cells, making way for rejuvenated skin. The process is fairly simple:

  1. The skin is first cleansed to remove and oils, dirt, makeup, etc.
  2. Then, a specialized device is used to dispense and vacuum up aluminum oxide crystals, which in process, removes the outer layer of dead skin cells. 

This leaves your skin feeling smoother and fresher.

Types of Microdermabrasion

Diamond-tip Handpiece

A diamond-tip handpiece is like a small vacuum for your skin. It scrapes off the dead skin cells and sucks them up right away. You can control how deep it cleans by changing the pressure or how long you use it. 

Crystal Microdermabrasion

Crystal microdermabrasion uses a device that sprays tiny crystals onto your skin. These crystals exfoliate away the dead skin. Just like the diamond-tip handpiece, it sucks up the used crystals and dead skin right away. Different kinds of crystals can be used, like aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate.


Hydradermabrasion is a bit different. It uses a blast of water mixed with special serums to clean the skin. At the same time, a vacuum sucks up dead skin cells and impurities. It leaves your skin not only clean but also hydrated.

So, whether you want a gentle clean with the diamond-tip handpiece, a deeper clean with crystal microdermabrasion, or a hydrating clean with hydradermabrasion, microdermabrasion has something to offer you.


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at rejuvenating the skin and improving its overall texture and appearance.

This treatment uses ultra-fine needles to create micro-injuries on the skin surface, triggering the body’s natural healing response.

​​How does it work?

A Microneedling tool is equipped with numerous tiny, sterile needles. The procedure works by making minuscule punctures in the skin, which triggers your body’s natural healing process (aka, stimulating collagen production). 

This includes stimulating collagen and elastin production, two key components of youthful, healthy skin. Find out all about our Bio-Microneedle Therapy

How does it stimulate collagen production?

These tiny injuries encourage the skin to produce new cells, increase blood flow, and promote collagen and elastin formation. The result? Improved skin texture, reduced wrinkles, lessened scars, and a more youthful appearance. 

Whether you’re fighting off signs of aging, seeking acne scar reduction, or simply want a skin refresh, microneedling could be your ticket to healthier, brighter skin.

Microneedling vs. Home Rollers

Yes, there are home rollers, called dermarollers, which can be tempting. But it’s not just about puncturing the skin, it’s about doing it right. So, while home rollers might seem cost-effective, they absolutely will not deliver the same results as a professional microneedling session. 

This is because with at home tools, you are rolling over the skin with needles, creating much larger injuries to the skin, which will not heal the same way that microneedling injuries will. 

With microneedling, tiny needles quickly goes in and out of the skin, creating injuries so small it is able to heal in a way that revitalizes the skin. This is different from dermarolling, which creates more scarring, leaving your skin worse than when you started.

Microdermabrasion vs. Microneedling: The Showdown

woman getting a dermabrasion (1)

When it comes to microdermabrasion vs. microneedling, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Let’s break down the major differences between the two.

Benefits & Results

Microdermabrasion is fantastic for superficial skin issues like mild acne, fine lines, and dull skin. It’s like a quick pick-me-up for your skin!

On the flip side, microneedling works deeper, treating more severe skin conditions like deeper wrinkles, scarring, and even stretch marks. 

Side Effects & Recovery Time

Both treatments are generally safe. However, post-treatment, your skin might feel like it has a mild sunburn, but it’s nothing a little sunscreen and moisturizer can’t fix.

Recovery times differ. Microdermabrasion typically has zero downtime, while microneedling might require a couple days.

Depth of Treatment

Microdermabrasion works on the skin’s surface, whereas microneedling dives deeper, treating the skin from within. 


Microneedling is generally more expensive than microdermabrasion. But remember, good things often come with a price tag. Both treatments vary in price, depending on individual skin needs and treatment areas. But don’t you worry! At Brazilian Silhouette, we offer treatments that won’t break your bank.

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Conclusion: The Winner of Microdermabrasion vs. Microneedling? You!

In the battle of microdermabrasion vs. microneedling, the real winner is you and your skin! By understanding these treatments, you can make an informed decision for your skin’s health and beauty. 

Ultimately, your skin type, concerns, and goals should dictate your choice. What’s perfect for your friend might not be the best for you. Book a free skin consultation with us.


What type of skin is best suited for microdermabrasion? 

Microdermabrasion is great for all skin types, especially those dealing with surface-level skin concerns like dullness or minor discoloration.

Can microneedling help with acne scars? 

Yes, microneedling is one of the best treatments to help improve the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen production in the skin.

How often should I get microdermabrasion or microneedling treatments? 

The frequency of treatments varies depending on individual skin conditions and desired outcomes. Always consult with a professional.

Is there any pain associated with microdermabrasion or microneedling? 

While some discomfort might be experienced, both procedures are generally well-tolerated.

What is the recovery time for microneedling and microdermabrasion? 

Microdermabrasion typically has little to no downtime, while microneedling may result in minor redness for a couple of days.

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