Microblading Healing Process

[hc-hmw snippet=”vagaro-widget”]Healing process after you have your brows done in microblading technique:

When the brows are done, at first they look dark and thick or orange in case of lighter brows. As the healing continues, they change.

DAYS 3-5 the tattoo will begin to feel dry and chapped. This is normal and to be expected.

DAYS 4-7 you may notice some flaking as the dead skin cell begin to slough off. This is normal and to be expected. Many clients lose 20-50% of the initial implanted color. The once crisp strokes will soften. People with extremely oily skin, may show more blurring of detail than those with dryer skin.

DAYS 7-10 most of the color will have faded by now… but, you have probably adjusted to having a bit more color. So once things fade, don’t be too disappointed. If you think you have NOTHING left, you should look at your BEFORE photo for a true comparison. And even if it APPEARS to be totally GONE, the color can actually return, in time.

Whatever happens, just remember that it may take multiple sessions to arrive at YOUR happy place, and adjustments cannot be made until healed in 4-6. All detail work, final color modifications and finishing touches are done in the second session.



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