Microblading Healing Process

[hc-hmw snippet=”vagaro-widget”]Healing process after you have your brows done in microblading technique: When the brows are done, at first they look dark and thick or orange in case of lighter brows. As the healing continues, they change. DAYS 3-5 the tattoo will begin to feel dry and chapped. This is normal and to be expected. […]

Frequent Questions

Should Everyone have a Facial? No. Patients with skin full of yellowish pimples should avoid the procedure. In this situation, infection can spread and treatment, rather than help, will compromise skin health. In these situations, it is best to treat the dermatologist, wait for the pimples to go away, and then include routine cleaning. Can […]

The essential steps for a spa facial

Facials are among the most popular spa treatments and are used to nourish the skin by exfoliating and cleansing. Being pampered by an esthetician is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that everyone should make a part of their beauty routine. In this blog, I will explain the steps of a basic facial. While there are […]