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Should Everyone have a Facial?
No. Patients with skin full of yellowish pimples should avoid the procedure. In this situation, infection can spread and treatment, rather than help, will compromise skin health. In these situations, it is best to treat the dermatologist, wait for the pimples to go away, and then include routine cleaning.

Can I have a facial when I’m tanned?
Not recommended. After prolonged exposure to the sun, melanin (the substance responsible for darkening the skin) is in full swing. Therefore, contact with some more aggressive substance can cause the appearance of spots that will become even more evident when the tan fades.

After having a facial, is it allowed to sunbathe?
In excess, no. Leaving the clinic, spend 48 hours without exposing yourself to the sun. Also, apply sunscreen. Cosmetics that have acids in the composition are also prohibited. In this period the skin is too sensitive and they can cause blemishes. The same recommendation holds true for oily creams, which can clog pores.

Can Pregnant Women have facials?
Unless the future mother already has the habit included in the daily life, better avoid. But the explanation for this has an emotional background: Doctors prefer to protect the patient from any treatment that can cause pain or stress, but a relaxitaion facial woud be ok.

Is it possible to prevent blackheads?
Avoiding the black dots that insist on marking your face is practically impossible, after all it can not stop the natural oiliness of the skin and still less protect it from pollution, the two factors that trigger the appearance of blackheads. But that is not why you need to spend your entire time with your face hurt. Some home care is enough to remove the dots even if, in the long run, they do not replace a facial. Tonics and astringent products offer great results as well as deep-action soaps. Just be careful not to use products that are unsuitable for your skin type. They can dry out the face too much, causing the body to produce even more sebum and, consequently, favoring the appearance of blackheads and even pimples. In the case of women, sleeping makeup is also fatal: cosmetics clog pores, and the face quickly fills with black spots.


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